CompareEuropeGroup invests in leading online comparison platforms for Banking, Insurance, and TelCo across European markets

Our Strategy



Select the right markets

We take a structured and analytical approach to picking the right markets to enter where we can make a difference for our users and generate alpha for our shareholders


Build the right financial structure

We ensure that each company has the right capital structure and allocate it efficiently so that we can fulfil our mission in both the short and long-term


Recruit and retain the best people

Great people build great companies. We help to recruit talented people based on a data-driven and analytical approach. Once recruited, we assist in developing and retaining the best people based on performance and cultural fit


Leverage our knowledge and network

We provide our businesses with know-how and support through our network of experts, inside and outside of our group, and leverage learnings across businesses


Govern our companies

We govern our businesses at board-level based on a strong and active governance model


Share our culture

We support companies that share our entrepreneurial culture and beliefs 

Our Mission


Build out the machine

We encourage each company to continuously look for ways to be better than yesterday by improving our “machine” and baking those improvements into how we do everything